Tuesday, May 22, 2007

People that drive me nuts... part 4

I know that by know I must be coming off as a grouchy old man.... but I had another experience this morning with more personality types that drive me nuts. This time it had to do with two different extremes but display the same personality issue.

The first is someone who is either always happy.
This is not someone who has this unusually high level of joy about life and their circumstances, this is someone with the happiness equivalent of cotton candy - sticky sweet.
It is so fake and so over the top, it just about makes you looking for the first available location to hurl.

The next one is someone who is always sad and depressed.
Now this might come across as uncaring, and I understand that there are medical issues at play with some people.
But there are people that a pot of gold could drop out of the skies and land at their feet and they would have a problem with it, or find some way to complain about it.
That drives me nuts because life is short enjoy it. Just don't fake it to the extent of the above person.

I guess what it comes down to is just be real. We all go through happy times and we all go through sad or down times. Be ok with that. Be real - it allows others to stand you.

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