Wednesday, May 23, 2007

people that drive me nuts... part 5

There are times when I say, 'Hi, how are you?" and really all that I want to hear back is, "Good." Or some variation of that. Something like, "Great", "Fine" or "Doing well."
This concept has never occurred to the dump truck person. They take any opening as a clear invitation to dump their life history out on you. This includes but is not restricted to, past relationships, bad weather, their childhood, their kids, the neighbors, their job, the universe, I think you get the picture.
Knowing that someone is a dump truck type person in some ways makes me feel bad because as soon as someone is tagged as a 'dump truck person' in my head, I avoid them like the plague.
That or maybe I am just such a shallow person that I really don't want to engage anyone and dive into their life and learn about them as a person.
As much as I want to feel that this might be a short coming of just being me, there are some people who you just have to watch out for. Unless you want to waste an hour+ of your life - that you will never get back - listening to them drone on and on about their boring life.

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