Monday, June 11, 2007

Sacred dirt

I have been fond of saying that there is something spiritual about working in the yard and working with planets. This is backed up by none other then God, as His idea of a paradise was a garden that Adam worked in.

Because of this connection that exists when you start playing around in the dirt, what could even be more cool then making your own? I am speaking of composting. This is something that I am just starting to get into but the idea that you can take the 'junk' from your yard, the sticks the extra grass clippings, etc as well as some food stuffs and create compost from it is pretty cool.

Thanks to a great friend, I am set up now with two large composting bins that have boards that can be removed to give easy access to the pile. I also have a thermometer to check the temp of my compost pile. The goal of course is to have 'hot piles'.

In moving the pile from one bin to another last night - it was pretty cool to see the stuff breaking down and even getting a gray ash look as the grass and stuff breaks down.

This has been pretty fun to learn about and to work with. If you have the chance I highly recommend taking it up. Let's make great dirt!

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