Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Songs rolling around in my head: Beautiful Disaster

There is something about a piano driven pop song that hangs with you longer then most. Maybe it is more authentic or something. Who knows....

Anyhow this song has been rolling around in my head and I will admit the reason that it sticks with me is it makes me think about my daughter. Somehow I want to let her know that she is beautiful. It doesn't matter if she is a -00 waist size, have perfect complexion or hair. I want her to know that she is special. It doesn't matter if she has a 'prince charming' (besides he was a putz in Shrek anyhow). I want her to know that she is my girl and that I love her no matter what.

When you have children your biggest fight at first is to protect them from stuff around them. Don't touch that hot pan, don't try to fly like superman off the top of the stairs, etc.

But as your children get bigger you have to let the world in a little bit. This isn't all bad because your goal as a parent is to raise up people who will be independent and able to make it in life.

However in opening them up to the world it also exposes them to the things that make life the crazy thing that it is. They will experience rejection, feeling that they will not be good enough, pain, hurt. But if they are not allowed to experience life they will also miss finding out their real talents in life, making friends, and the unexpected joy that can come from experiencing life.

Even though I know that it still makes you wish that you could be that eternal shield and protect them from that.

Anyhow I am not sure if all of that is why this song rolls around in my head or not, but here it is:

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