Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book review: The dip

The dip. This is a book by the uber-marketing genius Seth Godin.
The best thing about his books is that he is able to pack a ton of information into a few words.
The other thing that Seth does really well is to craft ideas that you can't resolve in a single setting. They are things that you need to wrestle with in order to figure out if they apply to you and if they do, what you are going to do with that information. This is the power of this book.

What I learned:
1. Figure out what I am going to be the best in the world at.
2. Understand that there are dips in everything and that if I am going to be the best in the world I have to plan for the dip and even lean into it.
3. Identify the cul-de-sacs/dead ends in my life and quit them.

Now just to do it. That is the hard part.

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