Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movie review: U23D

Disclaimer: I am a major U2 fan.

We went to see U23D on Saturday. Now seeing any movie on the big screen of IMAX is impressive, but to see the world's greatest rock band perform is even cooler. I have to admit it was hard to know if the 3D aspect of the movie would really add anything or not, but it was off the charts amazing. You really felt like you were on the stage with the band most of the show. In fact as Bono would stretch out his arms - Ethan kept putting out his hand trying to touch him.

Who ever did the sound mix for this movie deserves three cheers. The audio was amazing! It was essentially like being a a live U2 Show.

The other part about this movie was that it was all about the show and the music. They didn't waste any time with interviews or backstage stuff, it was just the music. And that is more then ok.

My favorite shots were when the camera would pan over the crowd and it looked like watching a literal ocean of people. Just thousands and thousands of people jumping and bobbing like waves in the ocean.

The ending result was a movie that was even more impressive then I was thinking it would be - and I had pretty high expectations. It is U2 after all!

So if you get a chance - check this movie out. Even if you aren't a huge fan, I am sure you will be amazed.

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