Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad customer service: Best Buy

There are a few things as scary as turning over your stuff to get fixed by someone. In this case, a customer went to Best Buy to get her laptop fixed. She got the run around about when it would be done, and now it turns out that Best Buy lost it. Their response to having lost this persons laptop - with all of her information, programs, life on it was - here is a gift card. That is pretty sad.

Also the response from the Manager of the store was: "we strive to deliver the experience that every customer deserves to receive" and "not every customer can be satisfied." That is beyond weak!

The result of this mess is that the customer is suing Best Buy for 54 million dollars. Now granted I have sat in quite a few customer service lines at Best Buy and dealt with more then a few of their less then properly trained staff and don't think it would be worth that.

And granted Best Buy isn't all horrible and bad. But this example of crappy customer service deserves to be addressed.

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