Friday, February 22, 2008

Great gift...

On my birthday I was given one of the greatest gifts ever - an iTunes gift card. The strange thing about a gift card like that is I have to work really hard to spend it. When I don't have any money, I can find all kinds of things that I 'HAVE TO HAVE'. But when I have a gift card I get all Scrooge like and really have to work to figure out what to spend it on. Well over the last while I have been slowly spending off my gift card and here are some of the great albums that I have gotten:

One Republic - Dreaming out loud.
This band has been blowing up with the song Apologize, but my favorite tune on this album is Stop and Stare. Great vocals, great lyrics, great album!

Passion - God of this City
I am not really a praise and worship music kind of guy, but I love the stuff that Passion is doing. Plus anything that David Crowder is involved in has to rule.

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
This album has been out for like ever! So I finished up and got the rest of the songs to finish it off. Great riffs and of course chasing cars.
Greenwheel - Soma Holiday
This band is kind of like an early Matchbox 20 type sound that just rocks. They were the original band that did the song Breathe that Melissa Etheridge reworked. And it is one tune that can be repeated over and over and over and you get the point. Great album.

And the coolest thing is that I still have enough for another album..... loving it!

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Lynn said...

Glad you have enjoyed it, Mark!