Thursday, February 28, 2008

I went to a fight and a meeting broke out

There are times in every project where you have to tackle the messy stuff called: details. Depending on the size of the project those details can be big or small, straightforward or confusing.

It is always easy for business and marketing to promote a glitzy new item, feature or application, but at some point someone has to get 'under the covers' and figure out how this thing is actually going to work.

In most projects there are several ways that you can get something to work. There might be several good options or there might be a good, better, best and then where you land is going to be more reliant on time and other means. But then there are projects where there really isn't a clear-cut way, or there are very conflicting ideals - those are the ones that suck.

And of course, those are the projects that you have to have the meetings that if you were thinking about it, you could probably sell tickets for and call it a main event. Over in this corner representing this thought process you have.... and on the other side you have..... Let's get ready to rumble....

At times it feels like you are a sheriff in the old wild west trying to break a bar fight with bottles being broken over people's heads, and in other times it is more of a UFC cage match and I am looking for the exit.

The good thing is when you have those difficult conversations, usually great ideas and solutions bubble up to the surface and you are able to come up with some kick-butt resolutions. What sucks is when you get the all too often issues of pride, ego and other misc. stuff that just makes things more sticky and messy then they should.

I need to come up with a ego zapper that I could bring to meetings with me that would remove everyone's built in sense of 'all knowingness' and instead leave them with a nice feeling of rational thought that would allow them to dialog and communication in a way that helps everyone land somewhere.

I know it is a dream, but maybe someday it can come true.

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