Friday, February 8, 2008

Seems they need to work on the product... a little more.

It sounds like Microsoft has continued issues with getting people to migrate to Vista. In fact even responding to an online petition that was trying to 'Save XP'.

Now there is always resistance to change. That part is constant across everything. Just try to convince your child to change and start keeping their room clean - you will get resistance. But it seems that the bigger issue is that Microsoft hasn't made the new product appealing enough to their consumers. While it seemingly took forever for Vista to finally show up - it seems that what was delivered maybe wasn't quite what users wanted. And while it seems that Microsoft has moved quite a few copies of Vista, they still need to think about the big question, 'What is compelling enough for our users to want to change?' and then build that.

For example, contrast the resistance to Vista to the latest OS from Apple that appears to be flying off the shelf. It seems that Apple has figured out what it's users want and is building that.

Or is it that Microsoft has built so much distrust that it has conditioned it's user base to automatically resist anything new from it? Where as Apple has built a culture of lust for new stuff? Who knows?

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