Friday, March 21, 2008

Signs your idea isn't good

We all have ideas about things. Particularly in web development. The problem is that while we have these ideas - they all aren't great. Many of the ideas I have had could fit into that category.

In fact some of them actually are quite bad. This post is a great one to bounce that idea off to see if maybe it isn't so great.

A couple of my favorites are:

You're trading flies for frogs. That is that you are taking one bad thing and just substituting another. I think of this as a misdirection idea. Maybe this problem will go away if we add all this other stuff over here. And all that really does is complicate it more.

The other one that is great was: You never wake up from the dream. That is that you are so busy dreaming about your idea(s) that you never actually get to the point of execution. That stuff drives me nuts. You can dream all day but until you actual build something - no one cares.

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