Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review: Killing Floor

I am kind of sad to admit that I hadn't really paid any attention to Lee Child before. I had seen his books on the shelves but just went right on by to other authors that I knew. After hearing from several people that he was worth checking out, I picked up his first Jack Reacher novel, Killing Floor.

This is the book equivalent to drinking three packs of Red Bull and then driving as fast as you can with the top down. It is a rush. From the first page where the main character, who you don't know anything about, is apprehended in a diner by cops with drawn weapons and charged with murder.

It is a fascinating story about counterfeiting with a really cool twist. While at points brutal, the nice thing is that Child never dwells on the gritty details, but instead informs you about what happens and moves on without dwelling on the gore or blood. Also there isn't a boat load of swearing which is problem with a lot of books in this genre.

If you like mystries and thrillers be sure to check this book out: Killing Floor by Lee Child.

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