Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Review: Fresh Start

This book is based on the premise that we are all living lives that we know are not where we want to be, and that we are stuck in this less then ideal life. The problem is that we often see people in our lives that just stay in this place of ‘stuck’. This extends to all areas of our lives – though this book focuses on our spiritual life.
With your faith being at the core of who you are – being stuck there can really be like a hallow feeling that over time really eats at you.

In reading and working through this book, there are some great parts about it – there are quite a few places where you are to pause and reflect on your life and then fill out answers to questions which really makes this journey to a fresh start personal. It also takes a great look at the main reasons that we end up ‘stuck’ and the barriers to getting ‘unstuck’. 

This is a continual journey that will not be completed once and then your will be ‘fresh’ forever. It is a repeated journey to find new and fresh aspects of your faith and taking new steps towards a deeper relationship with God.

While this book is a written in a very easy to read manner and I was able to really gain a lot of understanding about my own ‘stuck-ness’ and even gain some new insight that has helped me (particularly about working with others to make your fresh start) – the light way that the book is written almost veils the fact that change is really hard. That is why there are so many books on this topic and why I will continue to need to restart my spiritual life over and over. It is not easy.

But over all – I would recommend this book as a good one to get started in thinking and planning about a ‘Fresh Start’.

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I think I'll read this one!