Monday, April 12, 2010

cleaning up my music

I have been spending some time cleaning up my iTunes library. Over time it has just gotten full of stuff that I don't listen to any more. Either it was something that seemed like a good idea at the time and that over time really hasn't held up very well. Or maybe it was just crappy music to begin with.

Curious to know if anyone out there ever purges their media library? And how long do you hold on to stuff?


Kar said...

I am a major hanger-on-er (in more ways than just my iTunes!) The archive queen...very hard time sending anything to the trash.

GregHint said...

I regularily purge. Want to know my process? I star songs.

* - uncheck. I may want to keep it archived on my pc but it doesn't synch to my phone nor play in iTunes.

** - edit. Too long to start, end, live track has too much clapping. Once I synch I edit the start/stop time.

*** - decent. Add to favorites

**** - love it.

***** - a favorite.