Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie review: The King's Speech

There are people who reach for greatness and then others who have greatness pushed on them. This is a story about the later. Prince Albert is someone who has never wanted to spotlight, but because of circumstances beyond his control and the shifting power in the world he is forced to face his greatest weakness and use that to help steady and hold together a nation.

This is the true story of a king with a stutter. A king who must speak to his people. And a strange friendship that helps him to overcome that weakness.

This is a movie that grabs you without special effects, without gore, without sex. This is a movie about raw human feelings. And the way that it is shot with close ups on the actors forces them to step up and embody these people, and they do. This is the sort of movie that you know how the end will be, but in watching it you hold your breath and hope on hope that everything will work out.

This is a movie that you should go see. It won't wow you visually, but it will move you. It will inspire you.


Rich said...

Saw the movie....loved it! My daughter, Jana, saw it twice.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show the power of a great story.