Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saying 'no'

Today I did a very hard thing for me. I said 'no'. I said no to a great opportunity and to something that I have been a part of for awhile and have really enjoyed. It is for those reasons and also because I am hard-wired to be someone who will always say 'yes' and who doesn't want to disappoint others that it was difficult. It was not a decision that I was able to make quickly or easily. But I was able to make it.

The reason is that my life has started to look like a strip of bacon that has been left in the oven too long. It is getting a little crispy. And I know that if I don't pull back and focus on doing well on a few things, that everything in my life will suffer.

I hope that I am able to demonstrate this to my kids. Balance is something we all know that we need, and yet it can be very hard to achieve.

So today is about leveling. About balance. About peace. About calm.


Kar said...

Good for you...this is such a hard thing to do...esp if it's something you liked doing...or were good at...

did you happen to see Greg's latest song insights post on his blog?

if not you can find it at

Mark Kaske said...

I did check it out, and it is something that I both struggle with (as per the post) and also something that I also hope I can leave as a memory with my kids.