Friday, February 18, 2011

Classes are done (thoughts)

day 45 - teach (02.14.2009), originally uploaded by tinaylin.
Last night was a great chance to meet with some new people and talk about blogging. Cheri and I taught our last class with the focus on how to enhance your blog. While I think we covered some basic ideas, the most fun was to work with everyone in the class one on one and really focus in on where they were struggling or wanting more information.

This has been something that I was scared out of my mind to do, but through it I have learned that one of the greatest moments in life is watching people's eyes light up and their feeling empowered to do things on their own. I also learned that I really love the process of sharing information. It wasn't just us sharing with the people attending the class, but the collective sharing among everyone was really where the value was.

It was a great chance to hang out with Cheri and if you haven't already, be sure to check out her blog!


Cheri said...

Thanks Mark! I will say that you are an excellent communicator, both in your blog, and as a teacher. I agree it was pretty cool to see people catching on and enjoying building their own blogs!

Thanks to your help, I've got one more item checked off my bucket list!

Mark Kaske said...

@Cheri -

Thanks for the kind words. You are a great co-teacher.