Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie Review: Kong Fu Panda 2

Disclaimer - I loved the first movie. It was funny, different and held a powerful truth around finding the specialness that is within you.

Often a sequel is just used as a cash-in on the popularity of the first movie and tends to pale in comparison. Kong Fu Panda 2 is not one of those movies. While it retains much of the same humor veins as the first movie, and the story tends to focus on fun, there really are some deep truths found within this movie. 

The only way to find completeness is to find calm and peace within. This is a hard truth that I struggle with. The main characters are Po the panda and Shen, the evil peacock that comes back to attempt to take over China. The peacock has not found peace and just wants more and more and is never satisfied and in the end it destroys him. 

Your past does not define your future. Po lost his parents early in a very tragic event. He is raised by a goose that adopts him as his own son. While Po struggles with 'who he is' - he learns that what has been done to you and even what you have done does not have to dictate your future. Powerful stuff.

You have to have seen the first movie to really have a handle on the characters, but the funny lines flow one after another and the images and artwork in this movie are really eye-popping. The 3D was totally worth it as well. 

This is one of those perfect movies where you will laugh so hard that snot bubbles will pop out of your nose and yet you will leave thinking about the deeper threads that are woven throughout this movie. 

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