Monday, July 25, 2011

Concert reflections

Those that know me happen to know that I am a little nuts about U2. Owning all the albums and knowing lyrics by heart is simply not enough, I have tons of books about the band, and the stories behind the lyrics to their songs. Thus when I got tickets to see their show for my birthday last year - I was just about in heaven.

However there was a little incident with Bono messing up his back and the band needing to delay everything for a year. Thankfully it all came together this weekend. U2 at the TCF Stadium. Janelle and I were able to take most of the day and just bum around the Twin Cities. Eating Lunch at one of our favorite spots, Pizza Luce.

We then headed to the stadium to hang out and wait for the greatest rock band ever to play.

Janelle being the smarter of the two packed a rain coat because there was a chance of rain. Me, being a typical male, didn't bring so much as a hat with. So when the show started and lighting started to rip through the sky, my first thought was - U2's stage is probably the biggest lighting rod in the Twin Cities. My next thought was, oh crap, I don't have a rain coat. But even as the rain came down in sheets the band played on.

I left the show more amazing at the talent, the dedication to excellence, and the attention to the little things that U2 has.

The connection that forms between U2 and the audience is an amazing thing to watch. As the rain poured down, rather then huddling under umbrellas, Bono spent more time out on the cat-walk blending elements of The Beatles 'Rain', Singing in the rain, and even Purple Rain into various songs. As well as the way that the band and crowd would meld with songs like 'Pride (in the name of love)' and Bono would back away from the mic and just let the us all be swept away together in the song.

Some of the best moments of the show were when the Edge and Bono dedicated 'Stuck in a moment' to Amy Winehouse. With just voice and an acoustic guitar they filled the stadium.

Also the blend of 'I still haven't found what I am looking for/Stand by me' was amazing.

And of course the video intro from the international space station for 'Beautiful Day':

I am not sure I have a vote or option in this, but if there is a chance I would like to nominate Bono as the worship leader in heaven and have U2 be the 'house band'. And I hope they continue to create amazing songs and tour long enough that I can bring my kids to experience what a truly amazing experience that a U2 show can be.


Kar said...

Sounds like an equally amazing night! we were blown away at the audience band connection as well.

And I would totally vote for that!

GregHint said...

Great way to capture the night. As I watch more videos, the rain seems to have made the night even more memorable.

I, too, hope they tour again...I just need to start saving now :-)