Friday, October 7, 2011

Book review: The map of time

This is a collection of three stories that come together and revolve around the life of H.G. Wells, the author of 'The time machine'.

In Victorian England, life is a struggle if you are not one of the elite and it isn't all that great even if you have some money. The first two stories start with individuals who are looking to end their life and how their interactions with H.G. Wells and the thoughts around time travel change their viewpoints. The last story is about other novels and how time travel might effect them.

 This story takes a little while to get wrapped into, but once you take the bait, it is a great read. It is actually one of the better breakdowns of what time travel might involve and the idea of other dimensions that I have read.

The only part I wish that could have been changed a little is the fact that everyone seems to cheat on their relationships in this book. I am not sure if that is meant to talk about the futility of consistency in the face of so many other dimensions and other tangled times, but it made me sad to think that no main character was able to keep faithful to their relationship commitments. That being said, it is still a gripping book that deserves a read.

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