Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Beyond - that usually refers to something just past what I can see now.
But when I hear that word it makes me think of my life.
About the desire that I think we all share.
We want to belong to something beyond ourselves.

It is easy to focus on me.
But that is so shallow.
We need to look up.
To look around.

Look for ways to move 'beyond'.
To become a part of something bigger.

It might be close by you.
Maybe your family.
Your friends.

Or it might be helping in an organization that allows you to make a bigger impact on the world then you can by yourself.

But you need to do it.
It will give you wings.
Not like Red Bull, but wings that will make your soul soar.

What is it going to be?


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