Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great experience: Warby Parker

I was in need of getting my eyes checked, and when you have that done, it is also a good time to get some new glasses. The reason is that the eye check is really annoying so it is nice to 'get' something out of it.

I had heard about Warby Parker awhile ago and was going to give them the first chance in buying some new frames. Partly because of the price ($94 for frames and lenses) but mostly because of the one-for-one where when you purchase a pair of glasses they give a pair to a person in need. Which is awesome!

The Warby Parker site attempts to make purchasing something such as glasses via the web as painless as possible. There is a virtual try-on where you can take an image of your head and virtually try on glasses to see how they look. They also have a free home try-on. I picked 5 different frame shapes and sizes and placed my try-on order. In 2 days the box was at my front door.

The frames are nestled in a really nice black case and ready for you to try on and get opinions from friends and family. Most of the frames that I picked for my first try-on tended to be on the large size, and while they were pretty cool frames, I wasn't ready to jump to such a larger size. So I returned the first order and selected 5 more frames. This second batch again showed up quickly and there were several great frames that I really had to choose from. 

The choice was tough, but there was one frame that when I put it on, it made me feel kind of like a scientist for NASA in the 60's. So I went for those. After getting my prescription I placed the order. Because I have really crappy eyesight I went for the micro-lenses. 

The order arrived in less then a week. The best thing I can say is that these are amazing glasses and the Warby Parker customer service is amazing. Being a newbie around ordering glasses and not wanting to mess this up I asked a lot of questions via email and also called a couple of times, and they were very kind, prompt and helpful. 

So here they are, the new frames:

If you are in need of glasses, I would strongly recommend Warby Parker. You will be doing something good as well as looking good in your new specs! 

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