Friday, January 13, 2012


There is so much of life that is routine. This is good for people like me. It allows me to understand where I am at and what still needs to be done. The problem is that this sense of 'sameness' allows your senses to be lulled to sleep. It allows you to go through life in some sort of half-zombie.

This means that there are opportunities that are missed, chances that are not taken, and dreams that are never realized. Just because we are going through life only half-awake. It is in these dull times that we need to be shaken, to be given a shot.

This thought reminds me of the Erwin McManus book - Wide Awake. Which is a challenge to life life 'awake'. To take the risks. Notice the opportunities. Take advantage of the life happening all around you.

Today is an AWAKE day. Grasp it.

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