Monday, January 30, 2012


It can be hard to communicate - even to another person who understands the same language. As we struggle to find words to express what we feel, what we are thinking, and to best define just what is rolling around in our heads - with the hopes that what we say will be understood and realized - without being judged as some sort of loon. I am not sure why this has to be so difficult sometimes, but it just is.

Some of this might be fear - the fear that if we really do express as openly as we would like, the other will reject us, or find us more shallow or lame then we think they might perceive us to be. We all want to be thought of as better then we are. But then we also want to be real. There is tension there that bleeds itself into our communication.

There is also the non-verbal stuff, which explodes this into an even greater topic. But the amount of what you say without your words will often speak louder.

It is interesting that through all of this we seem to best communicate via stories. I saw this story this morning and even though it is a little idealized, it moved me. And made me think about words and communication. They are so important, and yet so easily mis-understood.

Link from ZeFrank

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