Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One of the main reasons I love Apple...

There are many reasons as to why Apple products can make me pause and drool. The simplicity of use, the amazing design, the way everything just works together with little to no technical understanding. But there is an even more important reason that was again displayed this week.

That is when something doesn't work or act like it should, Apple has amazing technical and customer service. There is the fact that I don't have to contact them often (which is awesome!) but when you do, they are responsive, helpful and get your issues resolved.

We had an incident where the kids were trying to rent a movie and watch it on our Apple TV.  The movie stalled out and didn't full download, and what did was really garbled. The audio was in sync and it was really bad. That night I contacted Apple and stated our problem. They give a couple of suggestions as well as credited our account and gave us a couple of free movie rental credits. Now that is awesome. Including the fact that the reason the movie didn't fully work was our issue not Apple's - it makes it even more impressive.

I love a company that is focused. That releases amazing products and services. But I will continue to support and become a raving fan of an organization that is dedicated to, on those few occasions where it isn't smooth, fixing the problem and making it right - even when some of those issues are my fault.

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