Monday, April 9, 2012

Book review: Empty Promises by Pete Wilson

In this book, Pete Wilson tackles something that every one of us faces, that feeling that what we have been chasing in life is just hollow. The sinking feeling that what we thought mattered most really doesn’t.  This book also is a resource to peel back the blindfold and really examine our lives and make sure that we are actually targeting the right things.

The book is divided up into two parts. The first really lays the groundwork to understand that much of our lives lived with our priorities out of whack. Rather then having God be the number one, front and center of our lives, we have instead bought into the lie that says something else should be first. With chapters that provide easy examples as well as some gut wrenching questions, the topics covered are things like approval of others, power and even religion. The second part of the book really helps in the area of calibrating your life and really works towards helping your determine if your life is one that is prioritized correctly.

While this book is easy to read, it is challenging. I sometimes have the illusion that my life is somewhat together, chapter by chapter, Pete peeled back the layers and showed how many lies I am currently chasing in my life and how out of order I am. And while there is a hunger that will never be filled because ‘we are not home yet’, Empty Promises helps to guide you back to where you should have been all along. This book should be considered a must-read.

Full discloser: BookSneeze® did provide me with a complimentary copy of this book to review.

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