Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living in tension and balance

There is often a tension within me. The tension of 'just a little more'. This is feed and encouraged by just about everything around. The problem that Seth so brilliantly points out is that the people that are where or with or have what you want also have this pull. As Andy Stanley said recently, there will always be someone with more 'er' then you. They will be smarter, skinnier, richer, younger, etc.

The flip side of this is contentment. Being satisfied with what I have. With who I am. This is hard. It goes against the grain. It isn't natural. To some extent this feels to me like 'settling'. But I think it has to be more then just that. Because we don't want to settle, we want to do better, we want to improve.

And that is the balance. To be content with what I have. With where I am. With me. But also staying hungry for a better me. Hungry to make a positive difference. This requires balance. And it something that I often find myself on a tightrope, waving my arms attempting to navigate this narrow gap.

And I don't have it figure out yet. I may never. But this is something that I will continue to try.

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