Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do you use a backpack?

If you are looking for one, here is some helpful information:

Personally, I have a backpack from Timbuk2 that I have used for several years. It is perfect in that it has easy side access for my laptop and it expands to hold an overnight clothes for a quick business trip. Sadly it isn't offered anymore, but if you are interested, you can check out their packs here.


Gsoroos said...

I love Timbuk2 bags. I've been using the same messenger bag to carry stuff to and from work on my bike for 15+ years. They're great!

Haven't used backpacks, at least for riding my bike, as if full the weight is carried up higher then with a messenger bag on your lower back/hip.

Mark Kaske said...

I agree. Timbuk2 bags are amazing. There have been several times where I have thought that I need to get a new one, but my current bag is holding up so well. Seems like a strange business - create something that last so well that people rarely need to purchase another?