Friday, September 7, 2012

Why so quiet around here?

This blog has been badly neglected and become somewhat stale over the last several weeks.

If there are still any followers or readers out there, I thought I should maybe explain why. But before I do that I should maybe start with a story. Quite awhile ago I was lucky enough to land a job with a company that supplied MRO supplies in the mid-west. I was not qualified for this job and only got it because I was lucky enough to know someone who was in a position to put in a good word for me. While there, I learned a lot about myself and learned some principles that I still use. There was a small group of us that would meet at lunch time and go running to then justify the lunch stop at McDonalds. It was the hours spent on the track and over a Quarter-pounder with cheese that the principle of 'next step' really sank in. We would talk about what was going on in our lives currently both good and bad and every conversation then shifted to - so what is your next step? And then what are you doing about it?

 For many years my next step was to get my master degree. Which of course I kicked that can down the street because of many reasons, having children, finances, etc. Well that next step is finally happening. I have enrolled at Augsburg College and am thus far two classes down am making progress. Because of this new world of studying like crazy, writing papers and making time for team projects, this blog has and probably will continue to take a hit. I will attempt to post and link to things that interest me as time goes by, but it will be at a much slower pace then it has been in the past. I leave you with my favorite phrase from 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' that I often refer to.......

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