Monday, June 4, 2007

Great phrase of the day: Funky deals

Tim Sanders - great author (Love is the killer app, etc.) makes a great point about the various 'deals' that we make in life and how easy it is to get messed up on the 'funky deals' these are the ones where you cut a discount, or do something out of your normal process for. He also talks about how this becomes a continual cycle that you get caught up in.
He then makes the point that you should budget for this kind of 'funky deal' in your business. Which will make it easier to manage

I think this explains why I get hung up with compromising in my Now I know that in order to make relationships work with others you have to be willing to flex and bend a bit. But it seems the areas of my life that cause me the most grief are those that probably shouldn't be flexed, but yet once you do it is so much easier to do it again and again (just one more king size Snickers bar....). This becomes those bad habits and those become a pain to try and fix or change. If I hadn't made that 'funky deal'.....

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