Thursday, August 9, 2007

Are you in a movement, institution, or a museum?

I listened to a great talk by Mark Driscoll in which he was talking through the book of Nehemiah and he brought up the concept that when things get started they are a movement. This is true for a social change, a new company, or even a church. It is this movement towards something new. It is fun, it is crazy, and it is innovative and nuts.

This movement environment will attract people. It will attract because it is fresh and new. You will get people to buy into it and a lot of energy and ideas will be generated.

The problem is that you can become an institution in a split second. That is when you start to have some assets and start to think about 'protecting' existing things rather then the new. While institutions are nice they have ceased to move forward and are thus not a movement anymore. While there can still be some life it is only in regards to protecting what you have.

The last stop on this path is the museum. That is when you have just moved to attempt to preserve the past. There is zero life and growth - it is all about preservation.

Something to think about.

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