Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your product and fireworks

While enjoying the fireworks earlier this week (they actually happened on the 5th because of rain). I started thinking about how products are somewhat like the big bangs and booms that were happening in the sky above us. Below is a random list of thoughts that slide through my mind. None are revolutionary, but they were interesting to me.

Timing is important. 
If you try to get people's attention to quickly or too late you can get drownd out by other stuff. So you have to find a way to stand out, to be interesting enough that you stand out from all of the other noise around you. With fireworks, they space them out so that you can enjoy one and then the next.

Complementary is ok.
Many of the fireworks that are shot off are not a single rocket. Often there were several that were shot off together in order to make a bigger impact, sound, or image in the sky. Your product maybe something that makes another better, and that is ok. Our goal is to create things that people want to use and they will do that when it makes your life better.

People want to follow you.
The fireworks that people really got into were ones that had a trail of sparks as they headed into the sky. There were some that just surprised people, and that is ok but the ones that people were excited about were the ones that they could track going into the sky. With the many tools for you to communicate your product and service, why wouldn't you let people follow you?

The feeling that you leave people with matters.
The fireworks that really got people to cheer and clap where the ones that had a really special ending. An extra sizzle or crack or flash of lights. People often talk about the 'first impression' but I really think that the most important thing that you can do with your product and service is how the end of your interaction with the customer is. I have had examples where I was on hold what seemed like forever but the person on the phone that I finally got to talk to took extra time and really made me feel important. That is what I remember more then the time on hold.

Again, these are not new ideas, but they are important ones.

How is your product doing?

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GregHint said...

Excellent thoughts. Good to keep these in focus and applied to my product very well.