Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It seems that a lot of us don't just 'watch TV' but instead are engaged with it and something else. At least according to this report by Yahoo!. There is a lot of room for shows to start using real-time interactions with it's fan base.

What else are you doing while watching?


Kar said...

I am usually fussing or putzing over some sort of word doc or reading blogs or hanging out on FB.

I totally know where you're coming from tho...cuz I am often googling random questions or bits of info that come up as I watch!

Kirk said...

Call me 'old school' or just 'old' ... I do tend to 'just watch' -- which is why I like to watch things from the DVR (why watch the commercials?).

I do admit to taking an occasional texting interrupt, but since I (so far) refuse to pay the high price of a smart phone (cheap!) :( I don't have to worry about using it while watching TV, is that another benefit? ;)

Mark Kaske said...

I tend to be always doing a couple of things while watching TV. But I am with you Kirk in the fact that I don't watch 'live' TV. It is all from the DVR in order to cut through the junk (i.e. commercials) and just watch the pieces that I want to. The only exception to that is Football. That needs to be watched live.