Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying to figure out how to unplug

Here is confession time. I really do like what I do. And I have a really hard time unplugging from work. Especially with all of the tools that make it so easy to stay connected. My phone, my computer they are all close by and always on. But there is a price that you pay. And the truth is that you are not the only one that pays. Everyone around you pays as well. Your spouse. Your kids. Your friends. Everyone pays. and it isn't just a temporary cost. If you continue to ignore this there will be a price to pay that you may not really know how to deal with - your marriage in ruins, your kids growing up and you don't even know them.

And was the job really worth it? This is a not a tough questions to answer - but does my life really reflect what I know to be the right answer? Look at the time that I 'invest' and does it really align with what I know to be correct?

This was a great post that made me wrestle with this again. And what it shows is that my life again needs to be re-calibrated.


GregHint said...

Here's a Ted talk with some interesting insight to this topic:


Mark Kaske said...

Great link. Thanks Greg!