Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Ordinary

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For me, the word ordinary at first just means average. It means safe. That is because if you are ordinary you fit in with the 'average' or largest percentage of the population. Sometimes that is ok.
Other times it is just the wimp in me looking for the easy way out.
Because if you are not 'ordinary' that means you stand out.
You are different.
That means you are alone.
Who wants that?
But yet at the same time that my 'wimp inside' is holding control over me, there is another voice that shouts out - "Why would you want to be like everyone else?"
Because it is safe. I tell myself.
Who ever got anywhere because it was safe?

My kids are learning about explorers in school. Their lives, their adventures, their discoveries - they were not safe.
They had to take risks.
They had to take chances.

How am I going to take a chance today?
Or am I just going to be 'Mr Typical'?

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